✅ Minimalist
✖️ Detailed
Recently, minimalism has taken over my life. After so many changes, it naturally began to manifest itself in my work.
That's when I embraced a second drawing technique: my style from years past reduced to the fewest elements possible to depict a play. All without losing the essence of my stroke.
So, if I may direct your attention to the concepts that I'm most proud of in my work, I'd say:​​​​​​​
1. You've seen this play before, but never from this perspective;
2. You might recognize the players, but I didn't draw any faces;
3. I also didn't include any logos or text;
4. The color variation is minimal, always respecting the teams' identity.
5. Everything is vector-based, and the ability to adapt to different formats is simple.
1. The main character in the scene receives more detailed colors and shadows.
2. The final texture is used to add depth to the stroke.
Thanks for watching :)
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